Is the most common treatment for Type 2 Diabetes also the most harmful?

There’s one question that you should answer honestly right now.

Has your treatment for type 2 diabetes restored your quality of life to what you were hoping it would be?

If the answer is anything but a resounding “Yes”, you’ll want to keep reading.

Imagine a New Life:

  • Imagine no longer having to worry about your blood sugar.

  • Imagine no longer needing prescription drug or insulin therapy.

  • Imagine having the energy to live your life like you want to.

  • Imagine living without fear of the developing catastrophic complications.

  • Imagine the peace of mind that would accompany understanding why you are sick – and being able to reverse it.

The first step to reclaiming total body health is to understand what causes diabetes in the first place.

It’s possible.

The current state of healthcare is uncertain, to say the least. Long story short, this uncertainty has lead to more “one-size-sits-all” approaches from overworked medical professionals.

Chances are the following responses are all too familiar:

“It’s genetic–there’s nothing you could have done to prevent this and there’s really no way out.”

“Your only option is to improve your diet, adopt an exercise routine, take your meds and inject insulin to slow the progression of your condition.”

“You will be diabetic for the rest of your life.”

And then the treatment program begins.
But instead of getting to the heart of the issue and offering true therapy for your type 2 diabetes, you are presented with the standard traditional approach – the same one that everyone else is indoctrinated into. This all too common approach often ends up only complicating matters.

Because it wasn’t designed for your body.

Should a real treatment for diabetes include a host of side effects?

Is the serious potential to shorten your life expectancy worth the “relief”?

You may have already experienced unwanted weight gain, high blood pressure (and increased risk for cardiovascular disease). Some forms of cancer also become more likely. Is this supposed to be a suitable solution to your jeopardized health?

The Traditional…Mistake?

Prescription drugs and insulin therapy, while common, may very well be making matters worse.

At best, you end up with a “bandage” result – an effort put in place to try to mask your symptoms and trick your body into believing it has been healed. But you and your body know better than that.

Here’s the big misconception: medical professionals almost exclusively focus on a person’s lack of insulin as being the main cause for not being able to process sugars properly. But rarely is the body’s own ability to utilize its NATURALLY produced insulin taken into consideration.

Stop adding fuel to the fire. Insulin may be worsening your condition.

In fact, adding MORE insulin to the equation can directly result in all of those negative side effect that plague your quality of life. This is far from a real solution to treating diabetes… this is the equivalent of pouring gas on the fire and hoping the flames don’t get too high!

Type 2 Diabetes has been called a “life sentence”. We say it’s time for a new ruling.

It’s time to think outside the box, and that’s exactly what we do. We’ve taken a real, radical approach to understanding each patient as an individual and addressing their therapeutic needs.

We’re providing real change, and real relief from the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Our fresh, clinically established approach is helping diabetics take back control of their health.

By looking at the whole picture of you, instead of just your symptoms, we help you see new ways of looking at your previously held beliefs about how your genetics, diet, fitness level, and weight fluctuations played into your diagnosis. You’ll learn methods that fit with YOUR life, and once you begin to actually feel new changes, the momentum just builds from there.

Can you reverse your diagnosis?

It really is possible…

  • Lose weight–without exercise!

  • Feel a natural surge in your energy levels.

  • Reduce or ELIMINATE your dependency on prescription drugs and insulin therapies.

  • Save THOUSANDS of dollars on insulin testing supplies!

  • Develop a new awareness of your body’s natural ability to function and heal.

  • Enjoy a life without having this burden always looming in the distance.

  • Vastly reduce unnecessary risks of heart disease, nerve damage, and cardiovascular disease.

We conduct comprehensive testing. We simply have no one-size-fits-all regimen for treatment. What we do have is a serious commitment to understanding the underlying factors of your unique situation.

Are you ready to learn what’s possible?

Let’s overturn the undue “life sentence” you’ve been given.


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See what our patients are saying about their success…

“The results of this process have been eye-opening. Before I started my blood sugars averaged 250 and that was on medication. After 2 weeks they average 125. My weight was 215 and I’ve lost 10 pounds. I was lethargic and suffered from reflux; now I have energy and no reflux.”
-Bill M.