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About Zeal Integrated Health

Since 2001, Zeal Integrated Health has been helping people find the health they’ve always wanted with integrity, competence and confidence.

We offer a holistic approach & thorough diagnostics to identify the cause of your symptoms and then create a care plan to correct the problem.


Our History

After graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Jason Crockett opened our office in 2001. He has always been passionate about providing patients with the most comprehensive care possible. When a patient with diabetes asked for advice about diet, Dr. Crockett reached out to a colleague with expertise in the area. That conversation led Dr. Crockett to functional medicine.

In 2012, we began offering functional medicine, and in 2014, we changed the name of our practice to better reflect our commitment to a comprehensive approach to health. Dr. Jacob Crocker and Dr. Caleb Sanders, who are also Logan graduates, round out our expert team of doctors. Our staff is professional and approachable, and we want you to feel confident and comfortable in our care.

Focused Care

Our functional medicine team focuses primarily on patients with diabetes, hypothyroidism or autoimmune conditions. Our chiropractic patients typically begin care due to lower back or neck pain, or a sports injury or car accident. Whatever your condition, our ultimate goal is to restore your quality of life and get you back to doing the things you love to do.

A New Lease on Life

A husband and wife came to us because their uncontrolled diabetes threatened to force both of them to retire early, causing severe financial hardship. After years of trying the diets their medical doctors recommended, and taking three different medications each, they came to us as a last resort.

After in-depth testing, we were able to identify the underlying cause of their diabetes and offer a care plan that helped them get off all their medications and lose eighty pounds each. Not only did they not have to retire, but they also took on a side business for extra income because they had so much more energy!

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