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You Can Reclaim Your Health With Functional Medicine - Testimonial

The Right Testing Is Crucial -

Bill M.

"The results of this process have been eye-opening. Before I started, my blood sugars averaged 250 and that was on medication. After 2 weeks, they average 125. My weight was 215 and I’ve lost 10 pounds. I was lethargic and suffered from reflux; now I have energy and no reflux. ”

Fred O.

"I started seeing Dr. Crockett in December, weighing 228 lbs and taking 22 units of insulin along with two oral medications, glipizide and metformin. Five months later, I weigh 197 lbs. and have gotten rid of the insulin and glipizide, and we are working on the second oral medication. I'm very pleased with the process!”


"I can tell you the facts: I tried every variety and combo of medications and nothing worked. I was nervous to share my success with you - diabetes is nothing to mess with - and it’s different for everyone, but I urge you to make the call! They CAN help.”


"When I started this program, the doctor gave great personal attention and care to helping fix my condition. I have lost 55 lbs. My A1C started at 9.1; after 8 months, it is now 5.7. Fasting glucose was at 133, and now it is at 85. My regular MD has cut my blood pressure meds in half and will start reducing my other prescriptions in the near future."

Thyroid Patients